Former GFSC employee returns as its chaplain

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A REVEREND who has 42 years of experience in financial services is looking forward to her new role as chaplain of the GFSC.

Juliette Robilliard has been appointed chaplain of the GFSC by the Bishop of Dover. Left to right are GFSC chairman Cees Schrauwers, Bishop of Dover Trevor Willmott, Dean of Guernsey the Very Rev. Tim Barker, the Rev. Robilliard and director-general of the GFSC William Mason. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 22174618)

Juliette Robilliard was made chaplain of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission by the Bishop of Dover.

The Rev. Robilliard retired in June of this year, but before that she worked part time as a minister in Guernsey and part time for the GFSC. She has been developing her ministry since 2014, when she was ordained.

Director-general at the commission, William Mason, said: ‘We thought it would be very nice after her employment if Reverend Robilliard could come back and offer support for staff both for work and in their personal lives.’

The newly-licensed chaplain understands the work and pressures as a former employee of the GFSC.

She said: ‘This is an exciting opportunity, bridging links with my former employer.

‘I think having an understanding of their work gives me an idea of what they are dealing with and going through for me to be able to help in any way I can.’

The GFSC has an overall staff complement of 114.

Bishop of Dover Trevor Willmott said the role of the church is to listen, serve and help.


‘Juliette, as a representative of the church, is willing to serve to everyone regardless of their faith and it is a privilege to help.

‘She is “faith-based” but not “faith-biased”, so she is an aid and a chaplain to everybody whether they express spirituality or not.’

Involved in the new role is an ongoing pastoral engagement with officers and staff, which the Rev. Robilliard had begun before her retirement, provision of an impartial and confidential ear for employees to discuss personal and private matters if so wished.

A monthly meditation will be circulated to the staff if they wish to attend, with a reflective lunchtime service for all officers and staff interested.


Mr Mason said: ‘It is often quite difficult working for the commission, you’re never going to win a popularity contest and that can be quite demanding for our staff.’

Chairman of the commission Cees Schrauwers added: ‘It unburdens you to talk to someone about issues whether those be work-related or private and with Juliette’s knowledge of the work she is a “good ear” to talk to.

‘Not everybody will agree what the right thing to do is, but I definitely think this is a good thing to do. A chaplain is rather like a court jester in some ways,’ said the Bishop.

‘They are trusted and they can say something nobody else is able or willing to say.’


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