‘So why were you lying?’ judge asks GcMaf boss

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A PATIENT who took ‘miracle drug’ GcMAF – said to cure cancer, HIV and autism – told its creator David Noakes that she went into toxic shock and ‘nearly died’.

David Noakes, the CEO and beneficial owner of Immuno Biotech Ltd, leaves Southwark Crown Court. (Picture: Brais G. Rouco/ Central News)

Former Guernsey resident Noakes, 65, claimed that 99% of his customers did not suffer from side-effects after taking GcMAF, a substance that he manufactured in a secret laboratory in Cambridge.

But Southwark Crown Court heard evidence from several customers who suffered severe effects.

It has also heard how Noakes bought expensive cars and spent a total of £992,000 on private planes, which he said he needed while running Immuno Biotech in Guernsey.

Prosecutor Gillian Jones read out statements from customers of Noakes’ other company, Macro Innovations Ltd.

One patient said: ‘I almost died, toxic shock, couldn’t stand up after a while. I got weaker and weaker over the two weeks.

‘I nearly died numerous times, two ambulances, multiple A&E visits.’

Another customer said: ‘On one occasion I felt weak, sleepy, feverish – general malaise.’

Another said: ‘I felt achy over the next few days. I experienced a seizure on May the 12th.’


Noakes said that he called the woman who said that she nearly died and she continued to be supportive of GcMAF. ‘We knew by then that there were negligible side-effects,’ said Mr Noakes.

The prosecutor replied: ‘So what we have just gone through, you call negligible side-effects?’

‘Yes,’ replied the ex-banker. ‘No one died, most people improved.’

In total, three-quarters of respondents to the company said they had negative side-effects.


The court heard how Macro Innovations’ website claimed that they made the drug to higher than Good Manufacturing Practice standards. But the prosecution say that claim is false.

Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith asked: ‘What on earth do you think you were doing? Because on the face of it that’s a bit of a whopper isn’t it?’

‘Yes, your honour,’ came the response.

‘So why were you lying?’ asked the judge.

‘My scientists eventually calmed me down. My language got the better of me sometimes, I completely agree.’

Nick Mann

By Nick Mann


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