Parking spaces ‘haven’t been adjusted for modern vehicles’

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WIDENING some car parking spaces across the island could help owners of larger vehicles and parents, several residents have said.

Cars parked at North Beach. Some islanders have called for spaces to be widened to allow for SUV-style vehicles. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 23519930)

Facebook group Channel Island Poor Parking often posts pictures of large SUV-style vehicles taking up more than their allocated parking space, or, in some cases, taking up two.

The opinion of members is varied over how acceptable parking in such a way is, with some people saying the size of parking spaces has not been adjusted for modern vehicles.

This opinion was echoed by Peter Watson, whose large vehicle was recently damaged in a hotel car park.

‘I now have a £400 bill because of the size of car parking spaces,’ he said.

‘Parking is a problem, but where is it great to park, is it any better in England? Most people who have a big car do take a risk. It’s a good idea to put allocated spaces for bigger cars, but how do you then make sure only larger vehicles park in them?’

Kate Taylor said due to the size of her family she can’t drive a small car and would like to see wider spaces or more parent and child spaces in Town car parks.

‘I find it difficult, I will look to try and get an end space, especially because of having children.

‘I think widening a few spaces would be a good idea. The smaller spaces being put in gets my goat a little bit. We are a family of five and we can’t fit into a small car.


‘It wouldn’t be possible to police them, but it would be beneficial.

‘In Town, it would be good to have some parent/child spaces.

‘For people with car seats and buggies it is really hard, having gone through that it’s not fun doing it.’

Although some larger vehicles are needed by certain people, Sandra Vaudin said she thought they were just a ‘status symbol’.


‘A lot of people’s cars are far too big,’ she said.

‘People with dogs may need a big car and some parents will need them as they take children to school. It’s very nice driving them, I was a mini bus driver and you can see over the top of things, but it’s not necessary.

‘It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to make bigger spaces, but if you start doing that everyone will just start buying bigger cars.’


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