Turtles dumped outside GSPCA

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ABANDONED turtles are the newest additions to the collection of homeless animals at the GSPCA.

Although the animal shelter deals with over 3,000 animals a year, it has been around 10 years since the last abandonment of animals at the site.

Two musk turtles were found at 5.30pm on Sunday by senior animal care assistant Yvonne Chauvel.


‘I was shocked to find the two turtles dumped at the GSPCA,’ she said.

‘Although we have helped animals abandoned and even dumped in black bin liners before – like a hamster in St Peter Port a few years ago – it is rare and we haven’t seen it for well over a decade at the GSPCA.’

The turtles, which have been named Monica and Melanie, were found in a plastic bowl on the floor next to one of the quieter entrances to the site.


GSPCA manager Steve Byrne said the animals were recovering well but were lucky to have been found in time.


‘They were just left out to face the elements,’ he said.

‘We hope there were only two in the bowl in the first place, but they were in no way protected from predators or even the cold air.’

Turtles require quite a lot of care and the GSPCA has noticed an increase in the number of them in their care in recent years.



‘Whoever dumped them obviously didn’t want to be known as we are on site around the clock 24/7,’ Mr Byrne said.

‘We are looking at our CCTV to see what exactly happened but at this stage we are unsure why they would just dump them. If they had asked for help we absolutely would have found the turtles somewhere safe at the GSPCA.’

GSPCA Turtles

A total of 12 turtles are now in the care of the GSPCA and islanders are encouraged to speak to a member of staff if they wish to give any a home.

  • The person who left the turtles at the shelter is being asked to get in touch with the GSPCA because it is helpful for staff to have the history of every animal in their care.


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