Islanders take to social media calling for ESC boss to resign

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SOME islanders have again reacted angrily to the two-school model education saga and have further called for the resignation of committee president Matt Fallaize.

Education president Matt Fallaize. (Picture By Steve Sarre, 25556677)

In response to Education, Sport & Culture’s reply to a letter published in the Guernsey Press, which saw almost 60 education professionals express concerns that a large school which would result in inequality for students, islanders have took to social media to air their opinion.

‘It’s pure ridiculous,’ posted Rachel Fernandes on the Guernsey Press Facebook page.

‘I don’t know when they are going to realise that this stupid decision of changing to a two-school model is not what this island needs.’

She added: ‘The children are the ones [who are] going to suffer because of this change.’

Joelle Goasdoue made suggestions as to what could be done to improve the schools rather than change them.

‘More schools, smaller classes, invest more in the teachers,’ she posted on Facebook.

‘It’s the teachers that inspire the students not the building they are taught in.

‘Finish at 3pm and no homework – look at the Netherlands, amazing results.’


There was also reaction to the anticipated annual revenue costs of the proposed new secondary education system, which were revealed by ESC to be about £27.4m. on top of the initial anticipated cost of development into a single school comprising two colleges of £157m. Revenue costs were reportedly going to be some £2m. lower than at present.

This led to social media users questioning where ESC would get the money from.

‘Where is all this revenue going to come from?’ Peter Le Messurier questioned.

While others said that islanders would be footing the bill.


William Maguire posted: ‘So close on £200m. is to be extracted from taxpayers to pay for a hard left social engineered experiment to replace what already works and works well. The good Guernsey people are not daft enough to let this happen.’

Paul Goubert said money should not come into it at all.

‘Money is utterly irrelevant, the only concern should be the best learning option for the students,’ he posted.

‘This has been completely ignored, as proven by Deputy Fallaize’s reply to the people who know what they are actually talking about in education matters.

‘Time to resign, Mr Fallaize, time to resign.’

Mally Paris simply said: ‘ESC are behaving like spoiled brats. It’s time for Matt Fallaize to go.’

Danielle Kenneally

By Danielle Kenneally
News reporter

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