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Man Down wins Best Documentary at I AM Film Festival

'NEVER in a million years did I expect my film to get this far,' Gaz Papworth said after his mental health documentary won best documentary at the I AM Film Awards in London.

Pete Holland, Paul J Lane (Award Winning Film Director) Gaz Papworth (Man Down Film Director) Phil Surry (Man Club Guernsey) (26124415)

Filmed and directed locally by Element Films, narrated by Shaun Dooley, the documentary follows the stories of different men in very different and challenging roles.

Film-maker Gaz Papworth hoped the stories and the sharing of traumatic experiences would inspire other men who are not as open about their emotions to let go of the stigma and open up.

At the I AM Film Awards on Thursday, Man Down Documentary won Best Documentary.

'Never in a million years did I expect my film to get this far and receive recognition from an award winning film festival,' Mr Papworth said.

'I never gave up, even when times were tough and emotionally challenging. I can now class myself (Element Films) as an award winning filmmaker and this is only the beginning!

'The courage and stories of the people in this documentary deserve this award and recognition.

'The message is clear and growing each day that it is ok to not be ok. If we can keep developing our community here in Guernsey to help and support one another then other places in the world will follow suit. '

He gave a 'huge thank you' to Guernsey Mind for their support, his family, friends and the public.

'It’s amazing to see the impact this film has had.'

Around 200 people attended the premiere of the Man Down documentary at the Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts this week...L-R Philip Surry from Guernsey Mind and Gaz Papworth from Element Films.. (26124643)

Phil Surry from Guernsey Mind said it was a huge privilege to be at the awards night on behalf of Guernsey Mind and to support Gaz.

'This award is well deserved.

'We have had so many conversations tonight where people have so openly talked about their mental health.

'The response has been amazing - there is a real cultural shift happening.

'We have a small community in Guernsey which is wonderful because a small community can quickly make big movements that can have a big impact on a larger scale.

'It really is ok to not be ok and we will keep sending that message out day in day out.'

Mr Papworth also thanked everyone who took part in the film and trusted him with their stories.

'This project couldn't have happened without you all - thank you to all the sponsors and [supporters] and thank you everyone for believing in me.'