Drank water from toilet while flooding his jail cell

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A MAN scooped water from a toilet into his mouth after claiming he had been denied a drink while in custody at the police station.

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It happened in a two-and-a-half hour incident during which 31-year-old Ciaran Miller damaged the cell.

Appearing in the Magistrate’s Court, where he pleaded guilty to criminal damage, Miller, of 22, Rue Flere, Vale, was fined £450 and ordered to pay £90 compensation for the cost of cleaning the cell.

Prosecuting officer Sarah Watson said the defendant’s behaviour had led to him being put in a cell, where he was offered a drink of water.

It marked the start of prolonged incident. After turning a tap on the defendant put toilet roll in the sink, causing it to overflow, and he scooped water from it onto the floor.

He put more toilet paper in the water on the floor. He told officers it would provide them with a little fun clearing it up.

He spat on the floor and twice scooped water from the toilet and drank it. He threw wet toilet roll at the cell wall and over a CCTV camera, blocking its view.

The defendant gargled water before spitting it at the cell door. He then threatened to harm himself before head-butting the door repeatedly and asking to see a doctor.

He then swept water and wet toilet roll under the cell door.


Miss Watson said professional cleaners were required to sort out the mess and this required the use of stepladders to remove toilet paper from the CCTV camera. The cleaning cost £90.

Advocate Candy Fletcher said her client had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

He had been arrested in relation to a matter for which no evidence had been produced and he had been calm at the time.

In the custody area, he was wearing shorts that had string in them. He wanted to remove the string himself but officers had insisted on doing it and a physical altercation occurred.


He was upset at the way he had been treated and disputed that he had been given a drink.

Initially, he drank from the basin but water to the cell was switched off because of the water on the floor. He scooped water from the toilet bowl in frustration and thought he was being laughed at.

No permanent damage had been caused and her client had offered to clear up the mess. Judge Gary Perry said whether the behaviour had caused permanent damage or not did not really interest him, but the difficulties caused to police officers in the custody block did.

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