Guernsey Press

States to launch development agency to progress harbours

Who are the States looking for? A political oversight group – three senior States members – will have oversight of the appointment process of a board for the development agency, including an independent chairperson and non-States members as directors to take the board to six people.

The development agency would oversee the development of St Peter Port and St Sampson’s harbours and the seafront in between. (Drone image by Peter Frankland, 30448333)

P&R is looking for independent subject-matter experts who understand influencers and stakeholders in Guernsey, have strong links with the business community, entrepreneurial organisations, and the third sector, and an understanding of real estate markets and deals at a high level.

All the appointments will be made through an open and transparent process, starting with the chairperson who will then be involved in recruiting board members.

All appointments will be paid in line with non-political voting members of the States’ Trading Supervisory Board, in the region of £8,500 a year.