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Tunnel idea ‘should be investigated’

A TUNNEL to remove traffic from the Town seafront should be investigated, according to a businessman who would build one between St Peter Port and St Helier.

Former president of the Chamber of Commerce Martyn Dorey supports the idea behind a tunnel to remove traffic from the Town seafront. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 30689958)

The States has given its new development agency the go-ahead to look into the idea after such an investigation was proposed by Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez.

‘It would have a long-standing multi-generation benefit for the island. Quite often the politicians are shying away from doing things that in the long term really benefit Guernsey’s proposition – and we shouldn’t be shy of that.

‘So I am leaning personally towards doing it,’ said Martyn Dorey, a former president of the Chamber of Commerce.

Every part of the world with a beautiful seafront had understood that was the ‘destination’ – unlike Guernsey where that destination was a road and a car park, said Mr Dorey.

‘It’s really important to think freely and openly about what can we do to make Guernsey better. Everyone’s got slightly different views about how to approach that.

‘But we’ve got to remain open-minded because over Guernsey’s history, we’ve always worked to make sure the built environment is commensurate with what Guernsey is trying to achieve as a jurisdiction.’

He was unable to comment on likely costs but said the idea was worth considering.

‘Don’t do anything and don’t pay for anything is the wrong mindset. Do stuff and pay for it is the right mindset. Otherwise, you’ll be left with decaying infrastructure.

'You can’t do stuff in isolation. It obviously has to be part of a grand plan. Can’t we just leave things as we are? No, you can’t.

‘I can’t think of a single place which wants to retain its economy without investing in its built environment.’