Clean Earth Trust calling for plastic ban in petition

THE Clean Earth Trust has started a petition calling for a ban on single-use plastics in Guernsey.

Paul Budgen of the Clean Earth Trust. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 31502154)
Paul Budgen of the Clean Earth Trust. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 31502154)

The move was in response to a lack of action from the States.

CET policy officer Paul Budgen is appealing for islanders to support the online petition.

‘One of our mottos is “ants can move mountains”,’ he said.

‘If the people of Guernsey let it be known they want something done, the States should listen. For the States this should be a no-brainer. Even the UK has banned some of these items.’

In an open letter, printed in the Press today, Mr Budgen describes how the island has fallen behind in banning many of these items, with the EU, Scotland and the Isle Of Man already having introduced legislation.

‘The Isle Of Man have banned single-use plastics. We are a similar small island. If they have the gumption to get this done, why can’t we?

The CET has written to all States deputies to gauge the appetite for a ban and is also offering the trust’s help in writing the legislation to take pressure off the States.

‘It might be helpful if we draft the ordnance for the States,’ said Mr Bugden.

‘As our committee contains two lawyers, we’ve actually completed a first draft. We have the advantage that the Isle of Man did a full consultation. Also, Jersey only banned plastic bags, but drafted legislation so that other items can be added.’

The Clean Earth Trust has been doing weekly beach cleans around the island and published an annual report recently showing the scale of single-use plastics washing up on local beaches.

Other local groups are supporting the ban, including Plastic Free Guernsey.

Chairwoman Helen Young said: ‘While the past few years have been heavy with other pressing matters, the importance of reducing the impacts caused by human dependence on plastics has never been far from our thoughts. We urge the public to take action, sign and share the petition.’

So far more than 360 people have signed. Those interested in supporting the ban and petition should visit:

Guernsey has fallen behind on tackling the plastic plague, page 21

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