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Ice takes its toll on bike as Zef fails to hit 300kph target

MOTORCYCLIST Zef Eisenberg has fallen just short of his aim to ride at over 300 kilometres an hour on ice, at the Ice Speed Week in Sweden.

Sweden’s Ice Speed Week was the ‘craziest, maddest race event ever’, according to motorcyle speed ace Zef Eisenberg, who intends to return to achieve his goal of reaching 300kph on the frozen surface.

But he is hopeful he will return next year to break the ice speed record.

The local entrepreneur has been in Arsunda, Sweden, with his Madmax team.

He said his green monster bike was still in one piece after a busy weekend.

‘Racing on ice is not easy or for the faint of heart,’ a Madmax spokesman said.

‘Approaching 300kph-plus is difficult, due to tyre strength and stability, that we found out big time.’

On the first run on Friday he managed to reach 256kph, despite his two tyres puncturing at high speed.

On the second run the front tyre punctured again.

On the next run, as the bike approached 230kph the bike wobbled as the front brake hoses were ripped off due to the spikes on the tyre – needed for ice riding – clipping the hoses.

‘After getting one brake working, I went out again, this time with stainless steel protective banding on the outside of the front tyre to stop it growing,’ Mr Eisenberg said.

‘At 283kph (176mph) with just 70% throttle, the steel banding around the front tyre snapped and sliced the radiator open, causing the engine to rapidly over heat and cause coolant to spray everywhere.

‘The bike was performing in the cold weather really well and there was an easy 300kph-plus awaiting, but without strong enough tyres or a working radiator, it was game over.’

Mr Eisenberg borrowed a 1,000 cc ice race bike and got up to 260kph when his rear tyre exploded. He managed to control the bike and was uninjured.

‘It’s been the craziest, maddest race event ever,’ he said.

‘I love the people, they are super friendly. Next year Team Madmax will be back with far more knowledge, insight and bullet proof tyres and radiator, so we can hit the big 300 kph speeds and beyond.’