‘I have video of UFO, so I am not a lunatic’

UNIDENTIFIED flying objects were spotted twice in three days over the weekend, according to two photographers,

While on night-time shoots, Ben Fiore and Sam Harris recorded footage of what they are convinced were UFOs.

After posting a video of the second one on Instagram, images flooded in from islanders who also saw it.

‘First we saw one around midnight on 22 May while on Lihou causeway. Sam pointed to a blue and oval-shaped bright light, saying “look at that satellite”,’ Mr Fiore said.

‘I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours looking at the night sky for years. That was not a satellite. I set the camera on a time lapse and we watched for four minutes as it hovered. Then with a bright flash it shot directly out of the atmosphere.’

Picture by Sophie Rabey, 26-05-20. Sam Harris and Ben Fiore had a UFO sighting while out taking night photographs this weekend up at the Cows Horn.. (28306699)

Due to excitement the micro SD card with the video on it was snapped. ‘I was gutted, it’s the first time I’d seen a UFO.’

Lately Mr Fiore has been out nightly taking long exposure pictures of the Milky Way.

‘On 24 May, we shot at the Cow’s Horn to get a Milky Way panoramic. Each shot had a 15-second exposure, so I was preoccupied. Sam pointed again at a bright satellite. I started filming straight away. This one was brighter, and not oval shaped. It didn’t move much but in the footage it jumps around as I was zoomed in.’

Watch the video here.

From ground-level the UFO was moon-sized and incredibly bright.

‘This was around half past midnight. I couldn’t judge its size. I believe it was quite close since it was so bright. We saw satellites flying behind the UFO, which put everything into perspective. That showed how close it was.’

Satellites orbit the Earth at distances between roughly 180km and 36,000km.

‘Afterwards, it shot off in the same motion, the only similarity to the first one. It couldn’t have followed a gravitational orbit like a satellite because of the way it shot into the atmosphere.’

Mr Fiore told his neighbour what happened after the first sighting.

‘Now I have another video I don’t seem like such a lunatic. In the same way some think we never had dolphins around until recently, with more cameras there’s a higher chance for people to capture life’s phenomena and rarities.’

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