Geekend ‘a chance to indulge in passions’

QUIRKY tastes and talents were showcased at a busy Big Geekend.

Visitors descended upon Guernsey Museums at Candie Gardens for their annual weekend showcasing a spectrum of interests.

Displays and activities ranged from historical to musical, gaming to gardens, costumes and cinema, science-fiction, models, Morris dancing and Mandarin.

‘We’ve had a lovely busy weekend with two busy days so far,’ said Jo Dowding, Guernsey Museums access and learning manager.

‘It’s always a staff favourite – most people are passionate about something and the Geekend offers a chance to indulge in our passions.

Left to right: Sisters Molly, 8, and Taylor, 10, Glendinning with baby Yoda. (28734604)

‘Everything on display is already on the island in people’s personal collections, there really is so much here. People’s personal collections are like mini museums. It’s nice to have it all on display alongside Bronze Age-era pots and historical artefacts.’

Science-fiction collector Daniel Phillips-Smith said: ‘I’ve been going for around seven or eight years tops, and generally go for any sci-fi. I have things from Alien, Star Trek, Star Wars, Disney and horrors – anything really. I’ve been really impressed with a lot of younger kids that recognise pieces.’

Much of his collection is not commercially available.

‘I’m in a few groups who want to make things through 3D printing or otherwise, and they ask how many people are interested. With my train, 10 people said yes and so only 10 were made.’

Dolly Parton collector Lee Phillips-Smith said: ‘My collection has been going for about 17 or 18 years. If I started now I wouldn’t have half the stuff I do. There are people in America who have their houses covered with real outfits and shoes. It becomes an obsession.

Reilly Bisson, 10, dressed as Captain America. (28734622)

‘From the moment of hearing Dolly’s songs it just took off, especially the song-writing. She has songs backed up that were written 30 years ago which she’s still releasing.

‘I never thought I’d show my stuff. Normally we’re the only ones to see it, but this gives others a chance to.’

Milly Glendinning, 8, had been on a Lego hunt.

Lee Phillips-Smith with his Dolly Parton collection. (28734595)

‘I’ve found eight and there’s three more to go. It’s been the best because I’ve been looking at everything. I like reading and seeing the characters in real life.’

Older sister Taylor, 10, said she really liked that it was held in the museum: ‘I love history, and really like looking at all the paintings with everything.’

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