‘Absolute joy to be able to come down here again’

LA VALLETTE is being quietly enjoyed by swimmers after it reopened on Monday.

Six socially distanced swimmers are allowed in each pool at one time, with shelters, changing rooms and toilet facilities closed.

Unlike before lockdown there is plenty of parking available for swimmers to use, yet fewer swimmers to share it.

‘It’s an absolute joy to be able to come down here again, especially with the wind, it’s quite sheltered down there by the pools,’ said Sue Honey.

‘The water is not as bad as I thought it would be.’

Prior to lockdown, meeting for group swims was popular at the bathing pools.

‘We are coming at different times now,’ said Jayne Falla.

The Bathing Pools at La Vallette are open again, but with some restrictions in place to protect swimmers from Covid-19. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 29274566)

‘If only the parking could stay like this. We’ve been caught by currents down at Bordeaux before. You’re not so worried about it here.’

Ali Sarre said: ‘It’s a lovely thing to do, I’ve been working throughout [lockdown] and coming here is perfect. Until recently I hadn’t swum here in a very long time, usually we go to Chouet. It’s a long beach and it’s all beach, so I know nothing is down there.’

Suzanne Le Pavoux shared Ms Sarre’s sentiments, saying it’s lovely once you’re in and out of the wind.

Tracey Atkinson said: ‘I usually go to Cobo, but I was told it would be colder and windier down there today. Monday I was in.’

Having come over from London in January to stay with her partner and his family, Freya Lucks has been making the most of the Guernsey lockdown lifestyle with plenty of sea swimming during her exercise allowance.

Left to right: Tracey Atkinson, Freya Lucks and Alison Good. (29274572)

‘We must be mad – it’s freezing,’ she said.

‘I went to Les Amarreurs on my last swim. My boyfriend stayed with me for the last lockdown and now it’s my turn to stay with him. It was horrendous being locked down in London compared to here.’

Alison Good said: ‘She’s a real Guern now. We’ve been getting out almost every day and have brought flasks to stay warm.’

Construction work has restarted on La Vallette’s building, with workmen all social distancing, wearing masks and using power tools.

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