The Bridge ‘is like an urban forest’

THE BRIDGE has been described as an urban forest after over 130 posts were counted as part of a survey done by the Vale and St Sampson’s parishes.

Both douzaines are now working on how to de-clutter and improve the area.

St Sampson’s douzenier Rob Gill said that he and Vale senior constable Richard Leale met last week to survey all the signs.

Between Guernsey Electricity and Le Crocq, by the clock tower, they counted 135 signs, lamp posts, scaffold poles and flag poles.

The survey results said posts included 15 lamp posts, of which Mr Gill said there were nine different types, including one with no light in it, and multiple poles with no signs on at all.

There were 72 signage poles in total, 26 were for parking for varying time zones, 46 scaffold poles and two flag poles.

Many were said to be in poor condition.

The pair’s review also found signs to be inconsistent or duplicated in places.

‘Some areas have motorcycle parking just written on the ground, some have signs as well,’ said Mr Gill.

Other duplicated signs included those concerned with the roundabout, pedestrian crossings and multiple one-way signs on the same post.

Inconsistencies included some disc zones written as 30 minutes and others as half an hour and different coloured sign posts including yellow, red green and white.

Mr Leale said that de-cluttering of the signs would be an excellent start to improving the area.

One shopper, Roy Corbert, said he had not noticed the large number of signs, however, an employee of one of the shops in the area said although they had not noticed all the signed posts, they were aware that there were a lot of empty poles: ‘It looks unsightly,’ they said.

Mr Gill said Vale and St Sampson’s parishes were now looking into which posts can be removed from the area.

Manager of Ray & Scott, Martin Search, has wanted to see improvements on the Bridge for many years and said the number of posts was just the tip of the iceberg.

‘Predominately, the main thing with the Bridge is it hasn’t been looked after.

‘I’ve been here 44 years now and nothing’s ever been done,’ he said.

‘I think now St Sampson’s and Vale want to see [The Bridge] come into the 21 century and constables are looking at this and how they can improve things quite quickly.

‘It just needs a bit of tender love and care, we’ve got some nice new shops, I believe Floral Guernsey is going to be involved,’ said Mr Search who said he also has a lot of ideas for how the area could be improved which he hopes to voice at a meeting to be held this week.

St Sampson’s douzenier Leonie Le Tissier is also working with the two parishes’ joint Floral Group in a second initiative to refresh the area.

BLOB Psychologist, Bernadine King, who was fined for driving through a bus gate in Chelmsford won her appeal after arguing that there were too many signs for the brain to process.

Dr King was reported to have said that when many signs were in the same space, the brain has to take time to process all the different information the signs are giving. She said although the information may only take the brain a few seconds to process, a driver may have already travelled 20 or 30 feet in that time and may have needed to make the decision already.

The traffic penalty adjudicator viewed the site and was stated to have said that although the signs were large and easily visible, they were cluttered together which could confuse road users.

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