Razor report is ‘misinformation’

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REPORTS of razors super-glued to play equipment at Delancey Park on Monday sparked a police search, but none were found.

St Sampson's constable Paul Le Pelley said parish officials and Guernsey police kept an eye on Delancey Park and called reports of razor blades glued to children's play equipment as misinformation. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 28444811)

Officers checked the area and several other outdoor play areas. But parents of young children were asked to remain vigilant.

‘Reports of razor blades at Delancey were seemingly misinformation and a waste of police time,’ said St Sampson’s constable Paul Le Pelley.

‘Delancey Park is a great asset for people in the north. It is on long-term lease to Education, Sport & Culture until 2039, but is administered by the constables. We keep a pretty good eye on it through six-monthly inspections.

‘The douzaine has a sub-committee to point out to ESC what needs doing. Community police also operate at Delancey and we have one parish constable and a douzenier or two who do regular walkabouts around the park.’

On Monday night, a constable was there and the last inspection was on Thursday.

‘We tend to wear high-vis jackets so our presence is seen. Whilst constables and douzenier do regular patrols, we rely on park users to be our eyes and ears.

‘PC Nick Boughay, number 182, is our usual officer and also does regular patrols.’

Dogs should be kept on leads at Delancey. Suggestions are welcome from the public on where to installs 10 new dog bins and dog waste bags around St Sampson.

. Contact police on 725111, Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111 or the constables on 244130 to report any incidents at Delancey Park.

Emily Hubert

By Emily Hubert
News reporter


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