Vale to elect new douzenier

VALE goes to the polls on Wednesday to elect a douzenier to replace Martyn Torode, who who no longer lives in the parish. The polling station is at the douzaine room, Maraitaine Road, which is open from 10am until 8pm. Anyone on the electoral roll for the parish is entitled to vote. There are three candidates who give their background and views here


Nigel Leale

Nigel Leale.

MY NAME is Nigel Leale. I am 55 years old and I am a self-employed plumber.

I am a Vale boy through and through. My family has lived in the Vale for many generations and my father, John, was a douzenier for 12 years before he passed away earlier this year.

I am married to Sara and we have two adult children – Jack and Beth – who both still live in the parish.

I was encouraged to stand by other Vale residents and, after living in the parish for so long, I felt it was time to give something back. I do not come with pre-determined ideas or a personal agenda.

It is about public service and I want to work hard to do my best for the people of the Vale.

I am not focused on wholesale change and I will listen to the interests and grievances of the parishioners and do my absolute best to represent them. I believe it is time for me to be part of the process for our parish.

Vale is a unique parish in the island and I do think the make-up of housing, businesses and industry in each parish needs to be carefully considered.

I completely understand we need affordable housing but I believe that this vital housing should be shared across the island.

It feels like the Vale is hosting the majority of all new residential builds – arguably to the detriment of what could be local businesses.

I do not hold negative views. I am motivated to stand for the douzaine to ensure Vale’s voice is heard and to help enhance life in our parish.

We need to make the most of our limited resources and I will speak for parishioners and advocate on their behalf.

I am younger than many who have held the position and I believe this brings a different perspective and a renewed energy to the parish.

So if you are looking for a douzenier who will work hard on your behalf without any baggage or hidden motives, I would be grateful if you would consider using your vote at the deferred election on Wednesday 18 August.

Mary Lowe

Mary Lowe. (29876029)

AS A previous Vale deputy for over 26 years, I was invited to attend the monthly Vale douzaine meetings, and my attendance record was second to none, only missing a handful of meetings during all those years.

I have now decided to stand for a seat on the douzaine as I have never stood for the douzaine before. I believe States members taking up a douzaine seat seems unfair when another parishioner could be an asset to the douzaine.

An enormous amount of my time as a Vale deputy I spent representing and working on various issues for hundreds of Vale parishioners including the douzaine when they sought assistance.

Many of the areas I helped with included those seeking planning approval or objections in the north of the island, explaining the planning laws, numerous queries on waste management/laws, parishioners encountering overgrown hedges/laws, road closures and traffic congestion.

There are instances when support took longer, when helping parishioners such as the Guernsey Electricity dismissing noise and vibration problems affecting those living in the seven adjacent properties.

It took countless meetings with GE/States departments/Public Health/Environmental Health officers and approximately two years to resolve with Guernsey Electricity eventually accepting responsibility and purchasing all seven properties.

There are many more instances of helping parishioners or the douzaine as you can imagine covering 26 years involvement with the parish.

My parish and States knowledge and experience, I believe, would complement the other constables and douzaine members and I ask if you would please consider voting for me on Wednesday.

I believe, now we no longer have parish/district deputies following the implementation of island wide voting, it is even more important the electorate is given the opportunity to vote at a time to suit them as to who will be on the douzaine making decisions on parish rates and many other legal requirements as part of their role.

The successful deferred election has now made it more convenient and democratic for those on the electoral roll should they choose to vote on Wednesday 18 August.

Anne Setters

Anne Setters.(29875716)

MY NAME is Anne Setters and I have lived in the Vale parish for most of my life.

I am married to Paul and run a business with my sister. I have six children, the youngest of whom is 21, and six grandchildren, most of whom live in Guernsey.

I am a keen, but slow, runner and enjoy using my newly acquired e-bike cycling to the beach in the good weather.

I have considered standing as douzenier in the past but did not think that I had the time to devote to the role.

This by-election has come at a time when I can give the attention to the role that I think it deserves.

Although I have no experience of being on the douzaine, I have been the Vale parish representative on the Baubigny Schools Committee for the past five years and I have greatly enjoyed the experience.

I believe I have relevant skills and attributes that could be useful to the douzaine.

I was a lecturer at the College of Further Education for over 20 years, teaching subjects such as bookkeeping, shorthand and IT.

Although now retired from my permanent role, I remain on the supply register and teach regularly at Les Nicolles and at the Guernsey Employment Trust as a volunteer.

I work well in a team and have always had a good rapport with colleagues, students and management.

I am a good listener but I am not averse to giving my own views on issues that I am passionate about.

I am very active and would like to get involved in a practical manner as well as attending the monthly meetings.

I would like to be a douzenier because I am interested in being more involved in the parish and to learn how it is run.

Since speaking to some sitting douzeniers, I have realised that the douzaine is responsible for many aspects of parish life that are not always obvious.

I enjoy outdoor activities and our environment is very important to me.

The Vale, along with other northern parishes, has been overdeveloped so the open spaces we have need to be looked after and cherished by everyone in the parish.

I hope that many people will come along to the douzaine room on Wednesday to vote.

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