Wrecked Alderney yacht is washed up in pieces

THE 40ft yacht Ragtime, which was ripped from its moorings in Alderney Harbour, ended up in pieces on the island’s shore after efforts to recover it proved unsuccessful.

The remains of Ragtime were washed ashore before being cut up and dumped in skips. (Picture by David Nash)
The remains of Ragtime were washed ashore before being cut up and dumped in skips. (Picture by David Nash)

Gale-force easterly winds saw the boat washed up on rocks beneath Fort Grosnez on Sunday night.

Monday saw efforts made to recover it, with buoys attached to try to refloat it.

It ended up having to be left on the shoreline, where it was later pummelled further by heavy seas and ended up being ripped in half, with debris blown into the inner harbour.

Members of the Alderney Wildlife Trust as well as family and friends of the owners went along to help MainBrayce Chandlers clear the area on Tuesday.

That afternoon the two halves were dragged further up the beach to be cut up ready for disposal.

Ragtime co-owner Jake Woodnutt thanked all the volunteers and the chandlers for their efforts.

‘Apparently there were two and a bit skips full of remains from the inner harbour,’ he said.

He remained baffled as to how the boat broke loose.

‘There were three chunky lines, one on each side and a back-up one. I checked the mooring lines the day before and there was no chafing on any of them.’

He had been on his way to check the moorings again when he got word that the boat had been wrecked.

All hopes of repair were soon lost.

‘Within probably 10 minutes of her breaking her moorings you could see she was holed.’

The boat’s keel could be seen sitting on the bottom of the beach – and Mr Woodnutt said he knew then that repairs were out of the question.

‘At least nobody was hurt,’ he said.

The vessel had been used by one of its owners, Mr Woodnutt’s grandfather Martin Smith, to sail around the world in 1999.

He had owned the boat for 30 years and had sailed some 55,000 miles in it in total, said Mr Woodnutt.

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