Pedal power promoted, but Cycle to Work Day a surprise

GOOD weather has seen cyclists taking to Guernsey’s roads this summer, but many were surprised to discover that yesterday was National Cycle to Work Day.

Numbers opting to cycle to work rather than using cars or public transport are increasing, especially in summer, with easier parking most of the time and no stress about petrol costs.

The Smith Street bicycle park saw a steady stream of workers arriving yesterday morning.

Most cyclists said they preferred to ride their bikes as it is far easier to park, especially for longer periods of time. They also said that cycling was a practical solution to the issue of rising petrol prices.

Emilia Blanco lives in Bordeaux. She finds it convenient to cycle to work, especially as it is cheaper than driving.

‘It’s a lot cheaper than car petrol. It’s an easy cycle, it’s convenient, and it’s also good for your health and fitness.’

Nichola Lloyd, who works as a GP in Boots, has an electric bike, and said she cycled to work in all weather conditions.

‘It’s easier – I don’t have to worry about parking. It keeps you fit, and I really enjoy it.’

Dr Nichola Lloyd uses her electric bike in all weathers. (31111586)

However, some cyclists raised the issue of parking, especially at the top of Smith Street, as not only is there not enough space to park the bikes, but there also are not enough racks to chain them to.

Melanie Taylor cycles from Cobo to work whenever it is not raining.

She said that despite it being quicker for her to cycle than take the bus, she often finds the bike racks have no space for her to park.

‘Sometimes I have trouble parking – people end up having to chain their bikes to lampposts, or park them on the side of the road because there isn’t enough space,’ she said.

Helen Bowditch, who cycles to work every day, said she also struggles to park her bike due to a lack of space.

‘It’s a real struggle to park my bike – we need more hoops,’ she said.

However, despite the issues of parking, she finds it much more convenient to cycle than drive.

‘I cycle every day, it’s the easiest way to get to town.

‘I used to feel like such a loser when I drove to work and would get stuck in traffic at Salerie Corner.

‘Buying an electric bike was the best thing I ever bought.’

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