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Herm and Sark ferries report ‘decent season’

FERRY operators to Herm and Sark say they are having a decent season.

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Peter Wilcox of Travel Trident which has had to compete with Herm’s own ferry service this year. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 31154084)

Passenger numbers to Sark are almost back to pre-pandemic levels, according to Isle of Sark Shipping’s managing director.

Jan Milner said this year was much better than 2020, better than 2021, and close to the figures for 2018 and 2019.

‘As the borders have opened and people have regained confidence to travel, the number of local people who helped to hold the business up has dropped slightly, though not as far as it could have,’ he said.

‘What we are seeing is an increase in UK visitors which has offset that.’

The number of European visitors was generally down, he said, though a smattering of travellers were coming from France.

Mr Milner said he thought the reduction in charter flights from Europe post-Covid was a contributory factor to the figures.

For the first time this year, Herm Island is running in its own ferry in competition to Travel Trident.

Travel Trident director Peter Wilcox said he was very pleased with the passenger numbers and the weather was obviously playing a part.

‘Our figures are good but they have been affected by having another operator on the route,’ he said.

‘Were it not for that our numbers would be extremely good but it’s difficult to make a year-on-year comparison.’

According to Guernsey Ports figures, a total of 17,673 return trips were made to Herm with the commercial ferry operators in July – slightly more than the total figure for April, May and June combined.