Warning of scam attempts by calls, texts and emails

A TELEPHONE scam is trying to catch islanders out by claiming to be from their bank.

People in Guernsey have been warned about scams involving emails, texts and calls. (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
People in Guernsey have been warned about scams involving emails, texts and calls. (Dominic Lipinski/PA)

One resident who took the call was asked to send funds to China to help catch a member of staff out who was believed was stealing money.

This is just one of several scams that are doing the rounds at the moment that both the Bailiwick Law Enforcement and Trading Standards are aware of and have urged people to be alert.

‘Banks will not contact individuals in this manner and will not ask people to do such things,’ they said.

Another scam call advises residents that money has been transferred into their bank account and to ‘press 1, then follow the instructions’.

In both incidences, BLE has asked islanders to just hang up and to call their bank after several minutes or from a different phone to check and to ensure that the scam caller is not still on the line.

In addition, a number of residents have received scam text messages from a number claiming to be their bank which asks for them to click on a link after advising them of a payment attempt from a new device, while another asks the recipient to clarify whether they have successfully been paired up to a new device.

Both of these, BLE has advised, would not come from a bank and not to click on the link.

One final scam targeting Guernsey residents is an email about a parcel delivery.

Scammers are posing as genuine companies. The email claims that people’s parcel will be delivered after an import tax charge is covered, the charge being approximately £1.50.

Within the email is a link which takes the recipient to a fake website, where delivery and bank account details are requested.

If completed, the scammers then have the recipients’ personal and bank details.

In previous versions of this type of scam, scammers have pretended to be either DPD or Royal Mail.

The police have again advised islanders to ignore it and contact the delivery company or post office by phone.

What you should do

Anyone who thinks they have fallen for a scam, should contact their bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or email actionfraud.police.uk. Guernsey Police can also be contacted on 725111, email fraud@guernsey.pnn.police.uk and Trading Standards by emailing scams@gov.gg or tradingstandards@gov.gg

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