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‘If you want to get rid of me, call a vote of no confidence’

A DEFIANT Peter Ferbrache has challenged Policy & Resources’ critics to launch a motion of no confidence if they want to replace the States’ senior committee

(Picture by Sophie Rabey, 31781969)

Deputy Ferbrache wants to continue as Policy & Resources president despite the committee losing every one of its flagship tax policies in the Assembly on Friday.

He reflected on his position over the weekend.

‘My view is that we need continuity and stability,’ said Deputy Ferbrache.

‘It is not for us to invite a debate as to our future.

‘We were mandated to bring proposals to the States, which we did.

‘It is for those in the States who want us gone to do something about it – and soon if they are going to.’

The States rejected P&R’s preferred option A tax plan, which included GST and redistribution to the least well-off half of the island. The States also defeated P&R’s back-up options B and C as it emerged from six days of debate with no agreed tax plan.

Deputy Ferbrache said he thought GST was off the table for the rest of the States term until 2025. But he did not rule out P&R proposing alternative tax and spending packages before then.

‘I cannot envisage GST being brought back during this term. I do envisage we will have to come up with other budget and finance proposals. We cannot do nothing for two years.’

Option D – proposed by Deputies Heidi Soulsby and Gavin St Pier – came closest to securing a majority in the States, losing only on a tied vote of 20-20.

‘It would be interesting to know the views of Deputies Soulsby and St Pier on whether they see at least a possibility that GST might have to be introduced during the next term,’ said Deputy Ferbrache.

‘I did ask that question of them in a speech. Deputy Soulsby had two opportunities in the Assembly to comment and Deputy St Pier one, but they made no comment as far as I recollect.

‘I commented upon that again in the final speech of the debate. I may have missed it but I do not believe they have subsequently commented.’