Strange weather affects both flights and ferries

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FLIGHTS and ferry crossings were affected by yesterday’s strange weather.

A high-level cloud formed by the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia mixed with atmospheric smoke caused by forest fires in Portugal are said to have caused the odd yellow haze, pink-looking sun, and low levels of natural light yesterday morning. (Picture By Peter Frankland, 19607710)

The remnants of Hurricane Ophelia, aided by smoke from forest fires in Portugal and dust from Saharan Africa, caused disruption to Aurigny and Condor while also reducing visibility on the ground by partially blocking out the sun during the morning.

Condor cancelled four sailings due to waves in the Channel estimated at heights of 3.5 metres or more which is above their safe and legal operating limit, while Aurigny’s flight to Bristol had to return to base because of the smell of smoke in the cabin.

A spokesman for the ferry operator said the cancellations were a proactive measure.


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