‘Multi-storey car parks best way to keep cars out of Town’

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THREE multi-storey car parks on the edge of Town could be the springboard for a more attractive centre with less traffic and more opportunities for al fresco dining, St Peter Port senior constable Dennis Le Moignan says.

St Peter Port senior constable Dennis Le Moignan has suggested that multi-storey car parks at three locations would stop a lot of traffic going through the centre of the island’s capital and says it is a shame that the States has not built at least one. (Picture by Steve Sarre, 22184949)

‘Traffic and parking is a problem all through Town, if there were three multi-storey car parks – perhaps at Salerie Corner, by the bus terminus and at Frossard House – it would eliminate a chunk of the traffic that is driving around Town looking for somewhere to park,’ he said.

‘It could make the whole town much prettier, using the piers for something else like restaurants and al fresco dining.

‘This should have been done years ago, I think it is such a shame.’

Mr Le Moignan recognised that one issue cannot be looked at in isolation and the project would have to be considered as a whole rather than as a stand-alone fix.

‘You can’t just change one thing and expect that to fix everything, it must be looked at as a global issue.

‘But a prettier and more relaxed Town would create an atmosphere of its own, which can only be good in this busy and hurried day and age,’ he said.

Although as the colder weather comes islanders may not wish to dine outdoors, Mr Le Moignan said people still would if it was a fine day.

He would like to see traffic removed from the Crown and Albert piers and said not only would it make for a more attractive setting, the parking on the edges of Town would mean reduced exhaust fumes affecting people in the centre.


He said: ‘Getting rid of traffic must be healthier, combined with people riding bicycles. There would be far less fumes in an area that is so populated during the day. I think at some point [the States] should make a start, even if they just built one [multi-storey].’

Christophe Gaultier, managing director of the Christies Group, of which the Boathouse restaurant on the Crown Pier is a part, said: ‘It really is a beautiful idea for Guernsey but it is just not in touch with the reality of the island right now.

‘What’s more important is getting St Peter Port busier with people. The island needs to pull together and get more visitors to fill the restaurants and make use of the Town at night.

‘Travel links need to be sorted out first and foremost’ he added. ‘We need a less expensive way to get people to the island.’

Pier 17, on the Albert Pier, declined to comment.


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