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Adamson glad to be back in Alderney dugout

Alan Adamson is back in the hot seat at Alderney for the upcoming campaign and the returning head coach says his side are in a ‘better position’ than last year.

Alan Adamson at Blanche Pierre Lane during his previous stint as the Nomads' manager. (Picture by Steve Sarre)

The Nomads finished bottom of the 2022-23 FNB Priaulx League table, losing 18 consecutive games after winning at Sylvans on the opening day and then scratching their final two away fixtures.

‘I’m excited to get going again – it’s good to be back in this role,’ said Adamson. ‘It was a painful season last year, but it was a huge achievement for us to even finish the campaign.'

‘We had to travel to games without any substitutes, we had to bring players out of retirement just to make up numbers in order to fulfil our fixture list.'

‘This year we hope to have a bigger squad and hopefully we can compete.’

Alderney have formed a partnership with Sarnian outfit CF Independant ahead of the season and the two teams are set to meet for pre-season games later in the month.

‘Hopefully now we’re working with Indies we should be able to improve our numbers a bit, but it is hard to say until we have played them as we need to try and spot who could be capable of playing the in the Priaulx.'

‘We have already got a few more players at training from Alderney, but we’re definitely still in need of more.'

‘When people move over here for work we always hope they want to play football, too.'

‘We have eight or nine players that can really compete at Priaulx level, so keeping a team in the league is so important, which is a big part of the reason why I have come back into this role.’

Alderney started their pre-season programme in early July and head coach Adamson says that the commitment has been ‘fantastic.’

‘We have the basis of a fantastic squad at the club and the lads have been training very well every single week, but they need to be able to do it in a game scenario, too.'

‘We cannot have a repeat of last year.’

Alderney will get their Priaulx season under way on the 2 September, as they make the trip over to play Bels at the Track.